February 15th, 2012
06:50 AM ET

Controversy over school's fine policy

Judy Browne-Dianis, Advancement Project co-director, explains why she is protesting a Chicago charter school's policies.

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  1. Tammy O'Neal

    Don't you just hate it when people throw out examples that aren't totally true? My daughters attend a Noble Street School and they are doing very well. It is not true that you are fined for having a shoe untied or for not sitting up straight in your chair right off the bat. You may receive demerits depending upon the infraction and if you receive four within two weeks, you will receive a detention and then fined $5.00. So, my kids are now juniors and since they have been attending high school, one received a detention within the first two weeks of her freshman year and has not returned and my other daughter has never had a detention. And you want to know why? They were told they were not allowed to be in detention and would be in more trouble with me! Schools do not have time to teach teenagers how to behave! Here's a thought...tell the kid they are not allowed to chew gum or eat potato chips in school. Tell the kid they must wear their uniform properly and sit up straight in class and pay attention! Tell the kid to behave according to the rules at school. The parent handbook is online. Read it and review it with the kid! We were told what the kids were in for before we even received the application! My kids spent the summer at colleges on the east coast and loved it & Noble did that for them. They prep them for the ACT test like no other CPS school would! My kids are better people for attending a Noble Street School and will be successful in college and in life. So what they can't eat junk food in school! The numbers are not inflated and Mr Milkie, keep up the good work. Chicago needs you!!!

    February 15, 2012 at 10:21 pm |
  2. Ms. C

    I am a Noble parent of a Noble child. I can speak first hand about the Scholarship,Discipline, and Honor that is being instilled in my son "Holiday" on a daily bases at Rauner College Prep which is part of the Noble Network of Charter Schools in Chicago.Over a year ago I lost mother and my son took her death very hard. At the time, he was attending a public school in Bridgeport on the near southside of Chicago and was not doing well there at all; academically or being disciplined. He didnt feel he had a future and tried to turn to the streets. I began to look for a school that offered me exactly what I needed... Scholarship, Discipline and Honor. And I found it at Rauner College Prep. Today he is growing into a honorable young man, GPA near 3.0 and his teachers says he's a "Breath of fresh air". Rauner College Prep and a lot of Prayer, turned my son's life around! I owe my son's future to the the Noble Network Charter Schools. Thank you:-)

    February 15, 2012 at 10:08 pm |
  3. Liz Martinez

    My parents heard about this and are outraged because they know everything the Noble Network has done for me, as well as for my younger brother currently attending Pritzker College Prep. $5 or $140 that noble may charge is nothing compared to the education, discipline, and sense of responsibility we receive at Noble campuses. My parents used to make me pay for them myself, and trust me, I stopped ending up in detention. PURE argues: "Gee, how on earth do all those parents out in the suburbs manage to get their kids into college without the Noble “secret sauce”? "* However I feel they lack to mention we are not suburban kids. We are in Humboldt park, the south side, the west side, etc. We are inner city Chicago students and as a Noble community still manage to wake up every morning, come to school dressed appropriately, on time, ready to learn, not fighting in the hallways, or disrespecting our staff. The Noble Network currently has a number of their campuses on the top schools in chicago list, our results speak for themselves. The discipline we receive here, are the same you would see in any job, career, or real world situation. Every place that has given our schools the opportunity to attend, whether that be museums, plays, or even college fairs, have always only had positive things to say about our students. I currently attend a Big Ten University with a full ride, which I know for a fact would have never been possible without Pritzker College Prep, the Noble Network, and their discipline. If it took a couple of detentions to stand where I am today, then so be it; I wouldn't take it back for anything.

    Liz Martinez
    Pritzker College Prep Alumni
    Freshman at The University of Iowa.

    *quote taken from: http://pureparents.org/?p=18540

    February 15, 2012 at 7:11 pm |
  4. Kevin Brown


    February 15, 2012 at 6:46 pm |
  5. Kevin Brown

    *I have Been Waiting All Day To Comment, On This!*
    IT IS ABOUT TIME! I would love the shake the hands of the administration at this school. Not only are they raising funds for their school, what they are really doing is telling the parents in the district – Raise Your Child – Teach Your Child Good Manners – Show Your Child How To Present Themselves In Public. I am Disgusted, every time I go outside and there is a group of boys with their pants hanging off their butts. It is repugnant, to see these, the future of our great nation, who don’t speak English. I don’t mean Spanish speaking, I mean the “A-Yo-Be’s”, son, ya-mean.
    I am a proud Black Man, Educated. Single with no “Baby-Mama’s”. Yet I was able to learn how to construct elegant, intelligible sentences . . . . and just for the record, I was born in Harlem USA, I lived in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. I did not have much as a child, in regards to the finer things that money buys. I have always been ‘picked on’ for speaking, ‘like I was white’. I never understood, until my adult what that meant. I speak as thought I want to be taken seriously in this world.
    Now at 37 years, I world at a Fortune 500 Company. In part, because I presented myself well, articulated my desires for myself in my future.

    February 15, 2012 at 6:45 pm |