November 21st, 2011
02:41 PM ET

iReport: Kingwood TX High School Students Give Thanks and Love to Bullied Teacher

CNN PRODUCER NOTE :    EWillies1961 filmed a heartwarming moment as about 75 students from Kingwood High School in Texas paid a visit to a teacher who had been bullied this week. 'What happened was the teacher was teaching the class and he had a few louder students, one in particular. That student said, 'You're old and you’re going to die any day," explained Willies. The students went over to Mr. Love's house last night at presented him with a card, gifts and even serenaded him with 'All You Need is Love' by the Beatles. 'It just showed the humanity of young kids here in Kingwood, Texas. We still have good kids. This was completely kid driven.' – zdan, CNN iReport producer

iReport — 50 to 60 or more Kingwood TX High School students visited their Teacher Mr. Love to give their love and support. The Teacher had a bad week with a very few students verbally bullying him with unkind words. Jason, got several scores of Kingwood students to show their appreciation for the teacher. Mr. Love showed both shock and extreme appreciation.

It is heartening to see young students show this type of affection to their teacher. As Mr. Love said, these students could be doing much more fun things on a Sunday evening. That they felt the need to give Mr. Love some love after the less than ideal week proves that goodness still reigns in most of us.

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