August 10th, 2012
06:45 AM ET

A history lesson among the gravestones

by Jeff DeHayes and Jordan Bienstock, CNN

(CNN) It's been said that dead men tell no tales. But don't try telling that to anyone at Atlanta's historic Oakland Cemetery.

Nestled into the middle of the downtown area, Oakland is as much for the living as the departed, its grounds sharing a wealth of historical information and cultural heritage. David Moore, executive director of the Historic Oakland Foundation, says that's what makes the cemetery a perfect environment for education.

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Summertime is camp time
July 10th, 2012
01:43 PM ET

Summertime is camp time

By Jeff DeHayes, CNN

(CNN) - With schools letting out for summer all over the country, it's time to talk about summer camp.

For some, camp is something to look forward to all year long, where new friends are made and old friends reconnect. For others, watching “The Parent Trap” might be the only summer camp experience they have.

However you remember it, camp serves up memories of cabins, sleeping bags, campfires, ghost stories, shaving cream fights, catching lizards - and for fans of that movie, possibly discovering you have a long lost twin.

Summer camp can serve multiple purposes. It can fill what might otherwise be an uneventful couple of months when hanging out in front of the TV isn't an option. Camps also provide much-needed childcare, especially in households where both parents work.


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